a Moral Murder

A foreign tourist encounters a retired judge in a secluded part of the Nilgiris, who narrates a remarkable tale of happenings long ago... A resident of Coonoor saves a panther cub, and mysterious incidents follow... Two college girls are the best of friends, until one fateful trip to Ooty changes it all...

A Moral Murder & Other Tales From The Blue Hills captures the magnificence of the Nilgiris in a way that very few authors can, a place that has thus far been relatively unsung in prose and verse, when compared to its northern counterparts. This book comprises ten exquisite tales - some poignant, some nail-biting, some heartbreakingly real; each of them carry to the reader, the essence of The Blue Hills, its beauty, its flaws and its magic. The book is previewed here.

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The author - Sangeetha Shinde Tee - is a London-based writer. Previously she was the founding editor of two national cultural magazines and contributing editor to a premier life-style magazine in the Middle East; Principal Correspondent with The Times Group in India; and has written for Reader's Digest, Femina and Savvy.

She has also authored a book of short stories for the Kingdom of Jordan - Amman:Story - and was recently on the judging panel of a London-based international short story contest: www.fivestopstory.com.

Sangeetha grew up in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu which inspired A Moral Murder, her second book of short stories. She was a resident of Chennai for close to three years, and strongly believes that South India has far more to offer culturally, visually and in terms of talent than is currently recognised. She is working on a third book - a novel based on the true-life story of a slum dweller in Chennai.

Contact the author at sangeetha@amoralmurder.com



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