About InkWell Publishing

Inkwell is a publishing and content outsourcing firm that currently provides content and editorial services to several city based magazines... including Ritz and Redefining Time. We have provided editorial consultancy and research for several products in the financial and lifestyle sphere with an emphasis on quality writing, creative excellence and timely delivery. We are staffed by a pool of experienced and qualified writers who have worked in the magazine and newspaper industry for several years. Thus our reach and access into all areas of publishing, be it press contacts, writers or newsworthy subjects and people is quite extensive and forms the backdrop to all the services we provide our client base.

Inkwell’s newest venture is a publishing arm. We are sourcing new authors from South India writing Indian fiction to launch them into the Southern market. We are also in the process of tying up with international self-publishing service to the Indian market, the first of its kind in the country.

As our first publishing venture, we are launching A Moral Murder and Other Tales from the Blue Hills by Sangeetha Shinde Tee. The manuscript has already received the many reviews prior to launch.

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